Listen up everyone! Great we got your attention! In a world — Where professional voice-over and audio production is expensive, there is exists a place where all of that is affordable and accessible to everyone – Yes everyone! All without compromising on quality and quantity! A place that will give your company, business, brand, or project many moments to be remembered.

Moments Audio Production is the official voice-over and post production service provider of Positive Play Podcast! The producers and core voice-over artists are Cannon Lee and Triz Garcia, who have received awards and are the official voice of many brands throughout the Asia Pacific and globally.


In choosing Moments Audio and Positive Play Podcast as your official marketing arm, we just don’t offer live acknowledgment like what other podcasts typically offer. We guarantee that we will provide you with quantity and quality service.

What you will get in availing this 3-in-1 service?

1. Professional voice-over production (Triz or Cannon)

  • We will provide a professional voice-over style of your choice.

Note: We will provide you a form from momentsaudio@gmail.com to fill out the necessary info for voice-over deliverables such us:  gender, age, delivery, accent, sound bed, sound fx (SFX), etc.

  • Script Writing (Optional)

Do you want us to write your own plugs? We also provide script writing for our clients.

Note: We will be requesting for your info such as; complete information about your brand, service, or product as well as the type of call to action you want your commercial to establish for the listeners of Positive Play Podcast so we can accurately describe your brand!

2. Professional Audio Editing and Mixing service

  • Our team comprises of top notch audio editing expertise and industry standard equipment, software as well as the talents and required skills to deliver the best sound quality for your podcast commercial.


3. Exclusive Podcast Airing

  • (3) 60-second podcast commercial airing (Pre-roll, mid-roll, end roll) per episode.

BONUS! We wont only just produce your podcast commercial and air 3 times per episode, we will also give you (3) LIVE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT’S during the podcast every episode 7- days a week!

We provide all your marketing needs!


“I am interested with your offers, but how much is the investment fee?”

Below is the “Industry Standards” for Podcast Sponsorship’s:

A 15-second Pre-Roll commands $18 per 1000 CPMs (listens).

A 60-second Mid-Roll commands $25 per 1000 CPMs (listens).

Our podcast offers Pre-roll, Mid-roll and End-roll. Unlike most other podcasts, they only provide a live acknowledgment, wherein the host will talk about the sponsor’s product or service. On the other hand, Moments Audio Production will produce a high-quality commercial like what you heard in the official plug mentioned above. This will be exclusively aired on Positive Play Podcast.  PLUS! We will provide live acknowledgments! This guarantees your investment will be worth it for our marketing services and it will definitely compliment your brand’s promise!

“Sounds great! I want to invest for my business or brand. What’s the next step?”

Just like in business, we would love to be to committed in expanding your brand awareness and excellence by availing our voice-over, podcast commercial and audio production from Moments Audio Production.


Are you committed to excellence?

Complete the form below for any inquiries about our service and if you are committed to avail it… Once, you’ve completed the form, you will receive a message within 24-hours that will answer your query and what is needed to proceed to the next step of our podcast marketing registration process.

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