Dream Boldy – 4 Ways In Manifesting Your Thoughts Into Reality – Carrie Stepp

As a thought leader specializing in transformative personal and professional development, I’m on a bold mission to inspire, enlighten and empower the world in which we share. I’m a Midwestern country girl that’s full of heart & branded in technology. Master Teacher is my life’s purpose and I’ve invested 22 years as an Award-Winning Master Course Creator, having designed thousands of digital courses for world-class clients (Samsung, Ashley Furniture, World Bank, Best Western…). I’m an International Best-Selling Author of several books including “Dream Boldly, I Dare You” and “The Angel in the Garden”. As an award winning Inventor and Intuitive Creator, Carrie guides leaders in bringing their dreams to life in living color! Learn more at CarrieStepp.com

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