Publish. Promote. Profit. Become A Million Dollar Author – Rob Kosberg

Rob has spoken to and taught thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants how to stop hunting for clients and instead position themselves as the hunted.
Through his trademarked Publish. Promote. Profit. (TM) program Rob helps his clients to create their own professional, best selling book (guaranteed) and then teaches them how to use that book to grow their income via speaking engagements, free publicity and lead generation strategies.
Rob used his own best selling book and these strategies to build his last company to over $1,000,000 in income in less than 15 months.
Rob is passionate about helping small businesses reach their target audience via cutting edge marketing.

Rob is involved with Various Local and National Charity sponsorships including personal overseas trips for fundraising and serving the poor in Manila, Johannesburg South Africa and Sao Paulo Brazil. Rob is a past speaker and national presenter and in the last 5 years, during the worst economic downturn of our generation Rob built 3 different Multi-Million Dollar Businesses in less than 18 months by meeting clients needs first before their own.
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