Think wholeheartedly who will be your plus or equal and never

take away what you do not expect to give in return positively.


This club is exclusively for intentional individuals that have a passion for witnessing other people grow and succeed both personally and professionally by means of interdependence and mentorship.

It is required that all new members make an introduction of who they are, what they do, why they do it and specify the outcomes they expect as a result of wanting to join this club of individuals from around the world who are intentional about their personal growth.

Each club member is encouraged to connect with as many other members as possible and collaborate for business related endeavors both on and offline.

This club is ultimately for individuals who want to surround themselves with positivity and empowerment

Do not be disrespectful to club members both in the group or out of it.

You are welcome to post links or anything that is relevant to the clubs motto (eg. opinion sharing, articles, answers to members questions, quote images – etc), however, it does require that you make a minimum of a 160 character update in the post that is not copy/pasted explaining why it would be of benefit and value to the club members.

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