Outline for 4-Hour Masterclass  – Starting April 2, 2017 EST   (Every Sunday of Every week  5:00 PM EST)

Virtual Masterclass will be done through Skype audio call.

Title of the class: The Power Of Your Mind Unleashed – How To Communicate Effectively – Strategies and Tactics For Influencing People

Coaches: IANLP Certified NLP Trainers: Triz Garcia & Cannon Lee


Course Overview

Everybody can communicate. But few can effectively connect with other people. Is effective communication just about being a person that showcases charm? The answer is no. Communicating is not just a one-way process nor a process that is only revolving around you. The transaction goes both ways, it’s the key to what type of influence you want to make at work and in life. In this interactive event you will learn the art of influencing people as well as the skills needed to establish better rapport by thoroughly understanding the power of words and utilizing your voice effectively and, at the same time understanding how nonverbal communication plays a big part of the communication process. This will be a complete transformation for you as an effective communicator in the workplace and throughout your daily conversations.

Cannon Lee and Triz Garcia provide many opportunities to practice the NLP techniques learnt, so that on completion of the master class you will feel fully equipped to immediately, and confidently, apply the skills.

The Positive Play Podcast founders and Certified IANLP Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners; Cannon Lee and Triz Garcia will be of assistance in broadening your participants belief system and outlook to view and have a comprehensive understanding of and skills training in interpersonal communication, processing of learning, motivation, beliefs, creativity, time management and problem solving. The aim of this training is to enhance participant’s communication skills relevant to the following areas: educating, communication, behavioral analysis, sales, management, recruitment, staff training and development, negotiations.


Cannon Lee and Triz Garcia are certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners approved by the standards of the International Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. They have shared their insights and expertise through corporate training’s and coaching both at live seminars and online.  In succeeding with their mission of spreading the awareness of positive social change through personal development, they co-founded a multi-awarded radio program; My Light Radio. They have also co-founded Positive Play Podcast; a self-help and business podcast.

The model of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has the skills required to achieve the above:

NLP is the study of the structure of “excellence” in the human ability to communicate. Background NLP emerged in the early 1970’s as a powerful and effective tool with applications to therapy, education, business and sports communication. Drs’ Richard Bandler and John Grinder, formulated the NLP model after many years of observing and listening to people who seem to have a natural talent for effective communication. They concluded that these people’s strengths lay in not what they said (content) but how they said it (process).

NLP has modelled people’s excellence and presented those skills, attitude and methodology that is useful in 95% of human interactions. NLP is a communications model and studies how people communicate to themselves in ways that produce optimum resourceful states and thus create the largest number of behavioral choices.

It is a science of communication on how to operate your brain in an optimal way to produce the results you desire. This science of communication has been used towards business and organizational solutions, effective communication, leadership,team building, improving mental and physical health, sports performance, and personal development.

Here Is Why

■ some people can communicate more easily than others

■ the art of effective communication is more than just an exchange of words

Training Objectives:

The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled online masterclass experience are;

1. To understand and reshape the perception of the essence of communicating for the benefits of inspiring and moving people towards actions needed for their success.


2. To acknowledge the necessary qualities of a real a positive influential communicator

and to apply the qualities to themselves throughout their daily communication process with other people.


3. To be informed about the importance of the structure and organization of every message that you convey for a better transaction.


4. To leverage the vocabulary needed to engage others and create positive and better rapport every time.


5. To identify a person’s patterns of behavior (ego) and successfully adapt to different patterns that they display per encounter.


6. To utilize your voice properly and to maximize people’s first impression from your conversation or speech.


7. To build strong connections by reading nonverbal cues that a person unconsciously displays and use it as a leverage in adjusting the conversation.


8. To respond effectively even in a negative situation with people you are dealing with at work.


9. Speak beyond words and leave not only a great impression but to share an overall positive influence to people of all walks of life through effective communication.




This 4-Hour Masterclass will cover:

In the First Hour of this call, Cannon and Triz will both teach, and facilitate the topics that cover:

● Introduction To The Art of Connecting With People

● The Qualities of an Influential Communicator

● Strengthening Your Vocabulary To Relate More To People

● How To Anchor the Power of Words and to Lead People’s Drives, Perceptions and Decisions.


In the Second Hour of this call, Cannon and Triz will both teach, and facilitate the topics that cover:

● Setting Your Tone and Delivery For Better Interpretations and Results of a Conversation

● Tips on taking care of your voice

● Breathing and voice exercise

● How to use your voice properly while speaking

● How to use intonation to better the person’s interpretation about your message

In the Third Hour of this call, We will both teach, and facilitate the topics that cover:

● How To Stroke Different Folks: Basic and Intermediate Body Language Reading Skills for Better Communication

● How To Create A Great Rapport Every Time.

● Roleplaying common scenarios at the workplace and daily life.

● How To Respond To Negative Conversations and Convert Them Into A Positive Communication Outcome

In the Fourth Hour of this call, We will both teach, and facilitate the topics that cover:

● Analyzation Of Human’s Different Ego States For Better Communication Transactions.

● Inspiring People To React and Act Towards Their Goals and Vision With You.


Master Class Methodology:

This training will utilize a variety of proven NLP techniques to ensure maximum

understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes discussions, presentations and mini-exercises.

Course Target Audience

This training is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

Managers, executives, leaders, teachers, students, and high potentials with little or no

public speaking experience and those with good communication skills who understand that

communication strategies and tactics are a key ingredient of winning win-win outcomes and positively

influencing people.


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